The holidays are just around the corner and whether you are heading home, cooking for two or cooking for 20, everyone is going to need a little extra snackage or full-blown new pantry items to get through it. We always have our eyes out for brands that make a social impact, because little everyday purchases are what can make a lasting impact on someone’s life + we think their stuff tastes amazing. If you are looking to fill out your pantry and snack drawer for the holidays with food brands with a purpose, here are some of our faves!

Annie’s Homegrown

If you have kids, you KNOW these fruit snacks and their all-organic mac ‘n’ cheese right?  We love their products and also the fact that they work with several different partners to bring hands-on experiences to kids, such as helping with environmental concerns or eating healthy.  Annie's also partners with Feeding America, that supports food banks across the U.S. that donates to families in need.

King Arthur’s Flour

This 100% employee-owned, certified B Corp flour company (and a staple in our pantry) gives back a lot you guys. Every employee at King Arthur is given 40 paid hours for volunteer work. They also fund Bake for Kids, where school children learn the skills of baking and are then challenged to bake two loaves of bread, one to keep and one to donate to a local charity to give back to someone in need.

This Saves Lives

What don’t we love about this company, I mean Kristin Bell is involved (who’s ready for Frozen 2 everyone?). This Saves Lives makes delicious snack bars that are ideal to keep on hand when anyone gets a bit hangry waiting for the big meal. Every time you make a purchase from This Saves Lives, you send life-saving food to a child in need – we love it.

Newman’s Own

Did you know that Paul Newman and Newman's Own Foundation has given over $550 million to thousands of charities since 1982? That’s why when we reach for a salad dressing (or frozen pizza) we choose theirs. Newman's Own Foundation continues Paul Newman's commitment to use 100% of the royalties and profits it receives to charitable purposes. Plus, you can’t beat their Italian dressing!

Endangered Species Chocolate

Their chocolate bars are delicious and they are non-GMO and fair trade. They donate 10% of its net profits to an endangered species foundation around the world such as the Rainforest Trust and the Wildlife Conservation Network. They’ve given $1.4 million so far, let’s help them continue their mission in the most yummy way we can think of.

Bonus: Holiday Gift Idea!

Love with Food

When you chose Love with Food, for a low $8 a monthly subscription you’ll get to try all sorts of all-natural, organic, or gluten-free treats. Added bonus? Love with Food donates a portion of its proceeds to charities that combat childhood hunger.