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Happy 2018! There is something about the new year that makes you reflect on the past year and commit to a better you…eating better, exercising more and making strides at home and work. But we also know it’s easier to stick to your goals when you have a few friends doing it with you? AmiRite?! That’s why we’re excited to announce our #MakeAnImpact2018 contest. Lets help one another be accountable for spreading goodness this year. Share how you’re making an impact in 2018 for a chance to win a monetary prize or allow Purpose Tea to donate your winnings to a nonprofit of your choice. In 2018, Choose Remarkable™.


Let’s get started! Here’s how the #MakeAnImpact2018 contest works:


How it works:

  1. Leave a brief comment or image telling how you plan to #MakeAnImpact2018 on one of our ambassador’s social channels and tag @PurposeTea. And don’t forget to use the#MakeAnImpact2018 hashtag!
  2. LIKE Purpose Tea’s Twitter or Instagram social media channels and use #MakeAnImpact2018 to be entered to win:


Meet our ambassadors, Mai Lyn Ngo and Carmen Rodgers: 



MAI LYN NGO is the founder of Deep Fried Fit, a Dallas food and fitness blog that chronicles all the great eats and and fitness places in Dallas and North Texas. Her mission is to share a balanced lifestyle through her love of food and fitness! Deep Fried Fit is written for the curious Dallasite looking to expand their taste buds or try a new fitness class or studio.


CARMEN RODGERS is an African-American R&B, neo soul singer and songwriter. Carmen has had award-winning albums like “Free” and “The Bitter Suite,” and a hit single, “It’s Me,” which won for Music Video of the Year at the Bronze Lens Film Festival. 



At the end of our contest, Purpose Tea’s Founder Chi Nguyen will chose five (5) winners based on your responses and eligibility. Winners can Take or Donate your winnings, meaning winners can receive the monetary prize or Purpose Tea can donate your winnings to a nonprofit of your choice to make an impact in your name.



  • 3 ($100 winners)
  • 2 ($200 winners)
  • 1 ($500 winner)


CONTEST DATES: January 2, 2018 to February 28, 2018


Purpose Tea is a beverage company powered by social purpose whose vision is to use business as a catalyst for good in the world. Not only do we provide better-for-you purple tea beverages (did you know as a supertea, purple tea has 2x more healthy antioxidants than green or black tea?) but we are proud to have a direct impact business model where 5% of Purpose Tea’s sales goes back to the communities most overlooked in the business of tea, female tea workers.
Find out where to buy Purpose Tea today!


 Click here to read our contest rules and regulations.




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4 responses to “Make An Impact 2018 ~ PURPOSE TEA CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT”

  1. Nancy says:

    Live healthy and eat healthy! Always

  2. Jodi Boulier says:

    Working with younger children who aren’t able to afford day care while a parent works is something I’m passionate about. I believe that child care should be 100 deductible on your taxes.
    I aso do believe that a stay a home mom should have some wealth associated to it. As in the fact/matter for claiming taxes at the end of the year. A mom should be able to deduct $20,000 for being a stay at home mom.
    Putting a new meaning to staying home. Passionate about those little ones who don’t make it to the child centers at all.
    I have watched some and out of my own pocket have helped others.
    #MakeAnImpact2018 my tea’s keep me peachful and working on time!
    If I didn’t have time for my teas, I pretty much crash! Purple Tea keeps me going! Being a volunteer is hard but helping those who can’t help themselves is even harder!

  3. mimi martinez says:


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