Our women’s empowerment initiative helps women like Rose Wanjiru

On the day we met Rose, a tea picker in Kenya, she was ill. But without healthcare or the ability to call in sick, it would be a day just like any other. Start picking tea at 6 a.m. Work for the next eight hours, then come home to the living quarters she shares with another tea picker and her family. Quarters that consist of a small outpost used for a kitchen, a tiny shack for sleeping, and a shared outdoor stall for a bathroom. For most impoverished Kenyans, a path out of generational poverty is to educate their children, but Rose cannot afford her son’s $300 yearly tuition with her weekly income of 1010 Kenyan shillings, which is equivalent to $10.10 U.S. dollars. As a single mother without access to credit or meaningful income, her wages as a tea picker is the only thing she can count on to support her family. At the age of 31, she has many days ahead of her that will look just like today, a day like any other.

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