Get MORE with Purpose Purple Tea

Market Street is the only retailer where you can find our entire line up of antioxidant-rich and delicious purple teas! For a limited time, they're on sale for 2/$3. In addition to powerful health properties, your purchase has the power to change the lives of women picking the tea! Find us in the bottled tea aisle.

more Antioxidants
50% more than green or black tea
more Health
15x moreanthocyanins than blueberries
more Zen
42% less caffeine than other teas
more Goodness
100% all natural real brewed, non-GMO tea
more Giving
5% of profits, directly empowers and changes the lives of female tea workers

What is Purple Tea?

Where is it from? Why is it purple? How does purple tea taste? Is it good for you? Twist open a refreshing bottle of purple tea and let'sdive in to all of the reasons why Purple Tea is good for you.