The Purpose Journal - Live Well & With Purpose

The Purpose Journal - Live Well & With Purpose

We all have a purpose in life, and it's our responsibility to find it, nurture it, and live life more fully.

The mission of the Live Well & With Purpose journal is to create a wellness guide that inspires everyone to take a step towards a healthier, happier version of themselves. The body and mind are partners that work together to help you thrive in life. The more you prioritize your mental, emotional and physical health, the more connected, happy, and free you will feel. This journal is your starting line.

This 30-day journal is designed to help you examine your current emotional, physical and mental wellness state, and discover what areas of improvement you want to make for a more balanced life. Focus on specific areas of your wellness so that the journey doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Create healthy, realistic goals so that choosing better habits feels easy.

Live Well & With Purpose covers all the different parts of you that need to be looked after. It will allow you to log and track your sleep habits, track your hydration intake, plan your meals, create an activity schedule, and even monitor your mental health so that you can truly understand where you are in your wellness journey, and make goals for where you would like to be.

At Purpose Tea, we want to encourage and empower everyone to properly care for their minds and bodies so they can feel equipped to fulfill their life's plans and purpose. As you complete your entries, be introspective and honest about your habits and your goals. We want you to acknowledge your challenges and celebrate your achievements so that you can be driven towards your vision for better wellness in life.

We'll be here every step of the way to cheer you on. You can do it!

Purpose Tea

Chi Nguyen

Owner, Founder

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