Every single choice you make or action you take has an impact. Our daily lives are a direct reflection of the choices we have made until now that have influenced our behaviors. Because our choices have so much purpose, we have to be really mindful about those actions if we want to make intentional changes in our life. Big or small, our lives are composed of the hundreds of tiny habits that we do every day. Intentional or not, those habits hurt or help us, and over time they make ALL the difference.

We've heard all too often that small changes lead to big results, but the biggest mistake we consistently make when trying to change an unhealthy habit, or trying to form a new habit, is that we go too grand. Then, after a while, we get discouraged and give up. It is truly the small steps in the right direction that lead to the biggest changes. Small habits help you scale back bigger behaviors that rely less on willpower and motivation and more on redesigning your life little by little, so over time these small shifts are easily accommodated into your daily life and create dramatic results. It takes having patience and grace for yourself, to really reap the rewards of your habits.

By slowly implementing new and better habits you are able to easily make changes to improve your life. You are more likely to stick to the tiny habits and more likely to form them into your daily life compared to trying to make big changes all at once. Even if you only start with just one small change, that tiny habit will eventually change behavior that positively impacts your life.

There are many things you could try, but we've outlined just four tiny habits that you can incorporate that will reap big rewards for you as you incorporate them into your life.

Habit #1: Planning the day ahead

Much of the "busyness" in our daily lives is a direct reflection of not having a solid plan in place for things we need to get done, and things that can wait. When our days without intention begin to exceed our days with purpose, we end up overworked, exhausted, feeling unproductive, and wondering where all the time went. The best defense against hectic yet unproductive days is by making it a habit to plan your day ahead. Whether you do it the night before, or the following morning, use a daily planner, to-do list, or a task management app to set recurring tasks, or simply set an alarm on your phone to plan your day. Putting more important tasks as a higher priority.

By scheduling your day and planning your tasks ahead of time, you can determine your priorities and make the best use of your day so you can meet your goals and feel much more accomplished about how you spend your time. Over time, you will have found that you’ve been able to make significant progress in your life and feel much better mentally and physically. You’ll feel more organized, focused, and motivated with a plan for the hours ahead.

Habit #2: Stretching your body 

Between long car commutes, and sitting at desks for work or school all day, many of us sit for long periods of time on a regular basis. This can contribute to sore or stiff muscles that affect the way our bodies feel or respond to movements. Tight muscles that are limited in mobility are also more prone to pain, strains, and injury. We can all benefit from taking at least 5 minutes out of our day to get some stretching in. Making it a habit to regularly stretch can help us improve our mobility, flexibility, and help us to maintain a full range of motions and full use of our muscles. The key is to fit stretching in naturally with your day so you can remember (and actually do it). Stretch as soon as you wake up in the morning, or as you step out of the shower when muscles are warm and loose. You could also stretch in between breaks at work, or do it right before bed to ready your body and mind for sleep. You will want to focus on key areas like your hips, shoulder, neck, back, and calves for full-body relief.

Habit #3: Counting your steps.

Perhaps the easiest habit to form, counting your steps is a great way to ensure you are keeping your body in motion and getting enough physical activity throughout your day. The best part is that all it takes to keep count is using a fitness tracker on your phone or watch. According to studies, if you wear a step-tracking device like a pedometer, you can increase the distance that you walk each day by about a mile. Which definitely adds up over time. If you get into the habit of wearing a tracker, the chances are pretty high that you will find yourself wanting to stay active throughout your day just to see those numbers increase.

Pedometers allow you to self-monitor your daily activity and give you a clearer idea of how much moving you are doing, and can be used to set realistic goals for increasing your walking gradually. While there are step benchmarks, every person is different, and there is no one set step-count for everyone. The goal is just to keep moving. Having an accurate count of the steps you take and the distance you've walked will help you develop a plan to gradually increase how often, how fast, and how far you walk in a safe way.

Habit #4: Making time for tea

Tea is not only delicious, but it also has a plethora of health and wellness benefits. Regular consumption of tea not only enhances your relaxation or boosts your energy, but depending on the variety of tea you choose, there can be even greater benefits. Take purple tea for example. Purple tea is a rare tea leaf, and has tremendously powerful benefits, like more antioxidant power than any black or green tea, enhancing your brainpower, revitalizing your focus, supporting healthy weight loss, promoting heart health, and so much more.

Purple tea is also a much healthier alternative for those who are regular coffee drinkers, as there is a lower caffeine intake. Too much caffeine in your body can cause havoc on your system, but when consumed in moderate amounts you can enjoy benefits like keeping diabetes at bay and supplying immunity boosting antioxidants.

When it comes to tea and all its benefits, drinking is believing, and the best way to enjoy your tea is at your own convenience. Take time throughout your day to drink your tea, either with or between meals, or simply to replace a cup of coffee or sugar soda. Purpose tea is a ready-to-drink, bottled purple tea that you can take with you whenever you need it.

Change can be hard, so it's best to do it in small steps. The things we do often become habits, and those habits become so subtly ingrained into our life they become routine behaviors. If you want to make positive behavioral changes, you need to create small changes in the things that you do each day.

Once you take control of your habits, you begin taking control of your life. Pick a habit above and begin practicing it daily. Even if it is just one thing. Any from this list will lead to positive results as you begin to see the progression that each small habit change made. One of the best small changes is incorporating at least one bottle of Purpose tea into your day. Shop now, online or in-store, reap the rewards of your tea time.