As the stressful holidays come to a close and we say goodbye to 2019, one goal for many is to journal more.  The benefits of journaling have been widely studied and touted as one of the most ideal practices to begin a new year. There are a multitude of positive benefits that arise from daily journaling such as:

  • Increased gratitude
  • Decreased stress
  • Lessened anxiety
  • A calmed mind
  • Exploration and realization of goals
  • Increased creativity


And these are just a few! Don’t feel you have to write long-winded prose (if you do, go you!) but just a daily 3-5 minute reflection of how you are feeling, what you are looking forward to, what you are dreading and your short and long-term goals, can help crystalize your feelings and thoughts so you can have a more productive day, month, year. If you want some inspiration for 2020, we’ve picked out a journal for almost any taste.

(Photos by: Rifle Paper Co.; Moleskine; 3-Minute Morning Journal)