Still wanting some ideas for that special someone this holiday season? Our team at Purpose Purple Tea has rounded up some of our favorite items that we love giving as gifts. So without further ado, here it is!

For Your Cocktail Loving Friend: Haus

An (almost too) easy-to-drink, California-made apéritif that you can enjoy in a cocktail or simply on the rocks. Haus is made with California grapes, real elderflower and other pronounceable ingredients. There’s less alcohol and less sugar so you can still imbibe without ingesting tons of the sweet stuff (you know we love low to no sugar!) and without a headache the next day. Enjoy responsibly!

Photo by Haus

For Your Friend On-The-GO:  Moon Juice’s Travel Tumbler 

We love everything Moon Juice does. To their magical “dusts” (anyone else need some Brain Dust this time of year?) to their brand new “Moon Juice Travel Tumbler” that is perfect for drinking said dusts concoctions on the go. Stay hydrated my friends.

Photo by Moon Juice

A Hostess Gift That Will Make Them Melt: Karla the Snowman

We’ve loved Dallas-based Kate Weiser chocolates, since well, we picked up her Milk & Cookies bar years ago. Karla, the better half to the original Carl the Snowman, is a hollow snow lady filled with peppermint hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows.  Heat up a pot of milk, place her in the pot and watch her slowly melt in hot cocoa for the entire family! It’s SO fun for the kids!


Photo by Neiman Marcus

For Him: The Herschel Duffle bag

If you have any of the products from Herschel you know they laaaasst. And if we’re betting girls, we guess your guys could use a new gear bag too! We love their Novel Duffle, Mid-Volume bag as it’s not too big, not too small and is just right for any kind of guy gear.

Photo by Herschel

A Non-Toy Parents & Kids Will Love: The Hunter Original Kids Backpack

Admit it, by this time of year kids’ backpacks are GROSS. It’s only been since August, but trust us there are plenty of parents eyeing the decrepit thing in the corner knowing they need a new one. So why not get one from Hunter known for their durable and long-lasting line of products? They are water resistant and certified vegan too boot. Comes in black, yellow, pink or red. Your parent friends will thank you.

Photo by Hunter

For Your Fur Child: We Love These Boots and Their Little Dog Too! Wag Wellies

If you own a pup, like we do, you know the pain of dirty paws on those daily walks. Well, no more! These little life savers are wellies for your four-legged friend. They make perfect stocking stuffers for Fido because we know you have a stocking for him or her too.


Photo by WagWear

A Really Great Kids Book: Written by: Adam Rex and Illustrated by Claire Keane “Why?”

We love anything Claire Keane illustrates and writer Adam Rex has really captured the continuous “Why?” kids tend to ask…a lot! As described – “this sweet book will appeal to anyone familiar with the universal tendency of young children to always ask WHY? When supervillain Doctor X-Ray swoops in threatening to vanquish an innocent crowd, the only one brave enough not to run away is a little girl, who asks him simply, ‘Why?’ He is taken aback-but he answers. She keeps asking. And he keeps answering-until a surprising truth is uncovered, and the villain is thwarted. In this laugh-out-loud take on the small-and-determined-beats-big-loud-bully story, simple questions lead to profound answers in a quest that proves the ultimate power of curiosity.”

Photo by Amazon

For Your Bestie (and you too because they’re so cute!): Reformation “Bianca” sunglasses

We love anything from Reformation and are really digging the 70s vibes of these sunglasses, which are made out of 100 percent cellulose acetate (read: plant-based). Feel good about your non-plastic purchase and get your glam on!

Photo by Reformation