H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N is here! This means parties (see our cocktails post for some adult fun) and trick or treaters. Our goal at Purpose is to always have an eye towards brands that give back too, so without further ado, here’s our list of candy companies that give back in some way.


Project 7

Picture from Project 7

How much do we love this company? To Birthday Cake gum to their Poppin’ Lollies that you dip in pop rocks (!!), this company makes fun and delicious-tasting products that give back in seven areas of need: Save the Earth; House the Homeless; Quench the Thirsty; Heal the Sick; Teach Them Well; Feed the Hungry and Hope for Peace


Ocho Organic Candy

Picture from Ocho Organic Candy

We have one word: chocolate! Since their inception, OCHO Organic Candy has been using Fair Trade chocolate to make their truly delicious candy bars, and has an official partnership with Fair Trade Certified. They are raising the bar (one bar at a time) in social responsibility and environmental sustainability.


Women’s Bean Project

Picture from Women's Bean Project

Who doesn’t love Jelly Beans? No one we would like to know.

The Women’s Bean Project believes all women have the power to transform their lives through employment. They hire women who are chronically unemployed and teach them to work making nourishing products. Through this work they find their purpose and break the cycle of poverty. They believe in the same mission we do…”when you change a woman’s life, you change her family’s life."