“Your brand is all you have. If you sell out on that, you can't really start over.” - Bri Emery, Creative Mornings, 2014

For the month of February, we have chosen to spotlight influencer, graphic designer and art director Bri Emery. Bri Emery has grown into the powerhouse she is today through years of dedication and hard work. Emery first became known for her work in co-founding the successful blog, DesignLoveFest in 2009. This blog, created from Emery’s own love for type and images, has gained a large following over time online. With 757k active followers on Instagram, Emery has become a symbol for sophistication, positivity and boss babeness. She has inspired so many with her thoughtful design aesthetic and incredible work ethic.

Emery currently lives in Los Angeles, California, and is still working on expanding her brand. To put it simply, Emery is a badass that cannot be stopped when she has a vision. After DesignLoveFest began gaining traction, she continued to hone her skills in design and prints.  Emery’s styling and creative direction has transformed the designlovefest studio brand into an arthouse that works to create original concept campaigns for countless well-known brands. Her work has led to partnerships with major names  such as HGTV, Lucky Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings and the Los Angeles Times.

Since 2009, Emery has had two lines featured in Target stores throughout the United States. Her focus on reimagining designs of paper cups, paper plates, and luggage also earned her recognition as a top influencer by Forbes in 2017. We love Bri Emery, and are excited to see her new work as she releases lines ranging from fashion to interior design in 2020. Emery is an expert at branding, as she teaches workshops and travels throughout the world, inspiring others to make their designs come to life.