Atlanta-based company Goodr was launched by Jasmine Crowe in 2017 with a vision of reducing food waste by connecting local businesses with extra food to local charities, and facilitating the delivery of that leftover food so it doesn’t end up in the trash.

According to CNBC, Goodr works through an app where businesses can indicate that they have extra food, and Goodr will pick it up and deliver it. Businesses can schedule pick-ups, view data about what food is being wasted the most, as well as the environmental impact and connections to people in the community who are receiving the food that is going to local charities and non-profits.

She was inspired to create the company after learning about a friend in college who was struggling to afford food and was often facing hunger. Jasmine explained to Now This, “To hear that from people that I thought were, you know, amazingly had it all together, were working, you know, were successful, were married, that they were struggling with hunger at times. I just began to think I needed to do more.”

When she’s not running her technology-based business to fight hunger, she’s giving inspiring TED talks about hunger issues that face America, and writing her first children’s book entitled “Giving is Good” that teaches children to give back to their communities.