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I’m writing this after the Thanksgiving break and we’re in full holiday swing. My daughter said to me while we were putting up our Christmas tree, “I love Christmas because there’s so much joy.” That made my heart happy but it’s also my vision that others less fortunate also feel this joy. That’s why I’m working so hard to make sure our business is a force for good in the world, changes lives and ultimately brings joy to those less fortunate. I urge you to do the same every day and this holiday season. With something small like a purchase of our naturally organic purple tea, you are playing a vital role in improving the lives of impoverished tea pickers.


 Olivia putting the star on the Christmas tree


In my first post-Kenya blog, I wrote about how small changes can have a big impact in someone’s life. We met with tea pickers who had gone through our Seed a Future training and learned about how they turned their learnings and $5 stipend into lasting change for themselves and their families. In this blog post, I want to focus on something else I think will have a positive impact on people’s lives: purple tea. Purpose Tea is about one thing: powering healthier lives. We are a mission-driven brand focused on empowering those most vulnerable in our business, female tea pickers, and providing good-for-you beverages. In addition to meeting with tea pickers who went through our SAFI training, I also met with purple tea producers all across Kenya and met with the Tea Research Institute to learn more about purple tea and its superior health benefits.


“I’m excited that we’re able to make an impact on less fortunate lives and also a positive impact on your body and health.”


Naturally Organic Purple Tea

Providing good for you beverages is a big part of our mission so our goal is to source the best quality purple tea from suppliers that align with our values. Organic certification is on the horizon for Purpose Tea but what I learned about Kenya and purple tea is that it’s naturally organic. What do I mean by that?


“Kenya is fortunate to have the ideal location and land for growing organic purple tea. Located near the equator with mild temperatures, adequate rainfall, Kenya has rich volcanic soil that allows it to produce the best tea in world.”


There are minimal natural pests so tea farming in Kenya does not require any pesticides or chemicals.

On my trip, I visited four purple tea producers to learn about their operations and taste their purple teas. I met with Boaz at Tumoi Teas on my final day and what a fortuitous meeting that was. We spent half a day with him touring the farms, the tea factory where the teas are manufactured and having a delicious lunch at his parents’ home.



Purpose Tea founder cupping purple teas with Boaz, founder of Tumoi Teas


We were so grateful for his hospitality but were also so pleased to learn about the literacy program Tumoi Teas in conjunction with JusTea is conducting in the local community. Like Purpose Tea, they believe in empowering communities so they can help themselves. We focus on empowering women and they focus on empowering children with the mission of literacy to open opportunities they would otherwise not have.


“Even though how we achieve social impact is different, our overall goals are quite similar: to improve lives.”


We are proud to source and support Tumoi Teas and will exclusively source their purple teas for our delicious beverages. Their purple tea farms are located in Nandi Hills, the highest elevation of tea gardens in all of Africa, over 2000 meters above sea level!


Tumoi Teas


Tumoi Teas will begin the organic certification process in 2018 for certification in 2021. Once that’s achieved, Purpose Tea can apply for USDA Organic certification. In the meantime, feel confident that when you purchase Purpose Tea, you are drinking high-quality organic purple teas grown without pesticides and doing some good in the world. Cheers to that!


All my best,

Chi Nguyen

Founder & CEO


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