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At Purpose Tea™, we take goodness to heart. It starts with providing healthy, delicious purple tea beverages. And while we are passionate about purple tea, Purpose Tea is so much more than tea – goodness extends deep into why and how we do business. Simply put – goodness is at the core of all we do.


Seed A Future Initiative ~ Empowering Women

Every bottle of Purpose Tea helps enrich the life of a female tea picker, a very valuable and – sadly – often unsung stakeholder in the business of tea. Tea pickers are mostly women because of the delicate nature of the task of picking tea and are paid an average of $1 USD daily, which is not enough to survive, let alone thrive.


Investing in a woman, not only enriches the life of that woman, but it forever changes the lives of her children and communities. For female tea pickers, land ownership can be key to financial freedom. Through Purpose Tea’s Seed A Future Initiative (SAFI), we empower women with the means to lease and ultimately purchase land, breaking free from the cycle of poverty and improving their life and the lives of those who surround them. We also provide training including financial management, nutrition counseling and sustainable farming practices to set a foundation for success. To us – that is goodness.


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Purpose Tea ~ Transforming Lives Through Purple Tea

We envision a world where business can and should be a force for good, and we do so by empowering female tea pickers in the most vulnerable communities while also powering healthier beverage choices and lives worldwide – all through our delicious, antioxidant-rich purple tea.


Transforming the lives of those who were vital in creating our product is an honor that inspires and motivates our team each and every day.


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